Dare mighty things hidden message  in Perseverance’s parachute

Dare mighty things hidden message in Perseverance’s parachute

"Dare to mighty things" is NASA's motto.

According to internet sleuths, a secret message in binary code was found on the parachute. It was said that it helped Nasa's Perseverance Rover safely land on Mars last week. They claim that the "Dare to mighty things" phrase, which NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory uses as its motto, was encoded on a parachute using a binary code design.

The secret message is shown in two colors: one in red and zero white.

Reddit users and Twitter posters thought that the red-and-white parachute pattern was deliberate. They concluded that it represented one in Red and zero in White, the secret message.
Each ring is assigned one-by-one the words in the secret message represented by the concentric rings of the parachute’s design. To get the ASCII code for a computer letter, the zeroes and ones binary codes must be divided into ten-character pieces. Seven white stripes, one red stripe and two more white stripes are an example.

Systems engineer Ian Clark

The orange-and-white stripes of the 70-foot parachute were drawn by Ian Clark, a Systems engineer. He used a binary code to create "Dare mighty Things" in the stripes.

Geolocation codes for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Another secret message was the pattern at the outer edge of the parachutist's parachute. It was also created in binary code by Ian Clark, Systems engineer, to represent 34deg11’58" N. 118deg10’31" W. This is the geolocation code of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory which did much of the development on Perseverance.
speech of Theodore Roosevelt, delivered in 1899
The Jet Propulsion Laboratory used the phrase before it was adopted by them. Theodore Roosevelt said in 1899 that "Far better is to dare to mighty things, win glorious victories, even though they are encumbered with failures, than to rank among those poor spirits who neither have much nor suffer much because of their gray twilight...

This design is scientifically designed for Nasa's Perseverance Rover

Nasa had set the goal. The design is scientifically useful for Nasa's Perseverance Rover, allowing mission control to see the angle of the parachute and whether it has twisted during live broadcasts about landings. However, one NASA commentator said: "Sometimes our work leaves messages for others. We invite you to give it a try and share your results.

Trailer for Curiosity's rover mission

NASA has used the phrase "dare powerful things" before in relation to its Mars missions. It released a trailer video in 2013 for its Curiosity rover mission, called "Dare Mighty Things". In tweets announcing confirmation of the new site, the current venture has adopted the phrase.

"very very happy" with the achievement

Devon was the location of the high-tech fabric for the parachute, which emphasized the global nature of the mission to send Perseverance and Mars to Earth. Heathcoat Fabrics in Tiverton stated it was "very very happy" about the achievement. Peter Hill, the director of the woven fabrics department at the firm, said that the feat represented 15 years of labor.
It's an emotional moment to realize that millions around the world are waiting with bated breath for the news of a successful landing. Richard Crane, the firm’s technical director, said the BBC.

Another hidden message is also contained in the Perseverance Rover

10.9 Million names and 155 essays were added to microchips. These are small chips with special features.

Refrence to the Covid epidemic,

This has caused delays and disruptions in the mission's preparations on Earth and execution. An aluminium plate featuring a representation of The Rod of Asclepius (an ancient Greek sign for healing, medicine, and support by the Earth) is placed on the rover in memory of those who served as frontline doctors during the pandemic.

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