on MARS pictures from the rover Perseverance  displayed aux Rencontres de Ciel et Espace in Paris

on MARS pictures from the rover Perseverance displayed aux Rencontres de Ciel et Espace in Paris

NASA's Perseverance Mars Helicopter and NASA's Perseverance Rover are busy exploring Mars jezero crater from hundreds of millions of kilometers away. On MARS (the first gallery displaying the beautiful pictures the rover took) is present at " Les rencontres de ciel et espace" roadshow in Paris. The French Association of Astronomy and the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie , together with Rencontres du ciel et de l'espace, are pleased to welcome on MARS exhibit on November 19, 20 and 21, 2021. 


Image credit nasa jpl caltech

 The ultramodern Cité des sciences et de l'industrie which is the number one science museum in Europe, are set to host on MARS show at its heart. Visitors will be able to discover scientific data and images of the Martian surface Mars rover perseverance is collecting on the red planet in jezero crater. The show has been developed to illustrate different aspects of the campaign, including Perseverance's landing site, visible rocks and scientific instruments the rover is actually using. 


NASA's Perseverance Rover, which landed on Mars in February 2021 has been searching for evidence of ancient microscopic living to gather and store samples of Martian rock around its landing site the mars jezero crater. The Ingenuity helicopter, which Perseverance rover rode on his belly and dropped on the landing site, has made more than a dozen flights to Mars. This proves that powered, controlled flight on Mars is possible. It also helps Perseverance rover find potential areas to explore on the red planet to find ancient life. Nasa's mars rover mission is to collect samples and make them available for future return to earth.

On Mars prints are available with the latest images from Mars

To coincide with the one year anniversary, On Mars prints displays are available with the latest images from Mars to give a true representation of the environment the rover encounters as it explores this planet. 

In addition to the beautiful pictures shown during the on MARS exhibit, Perseverance rover & Ingenuity scientists & engineers will present in person some great conferences and answer questions :


Image credit nasa jpl caltech

Saturday 20 th November : (13:45) Exploration of Mars and Search for traces of life with Sylvestre MAURICE along with the European Space Agency .

Sylvestre Maurice is an astrophysicist at the Institut de recherche en astrophysique et planétologie. He is a planetologist, specializing in the exploration of the Solar System. Sylvestre Maurice has participated in numerous European Space Agency and NASA solar system exploration missions. He contributed, with American collaborators, to the discovery of water ice at the Moon's poles (1998).



 Since 2005, he has designed and coordinated with his colleague Roger Wiens of Los Alamos National Laboratory the construction of the ChemCam instrument on board the NASA rover Curiosity. This instrument provides the first French data on the surface of Mars in 2012, and allows, with the other instruments of the mission, to demonstrate the past habitability of Mars.



Sunday 21st November : (11:00) Rover on mars and Man on Mars, the challenge of the XXIst century with perseverance rover with François FORGET


Will we see a man on Mars in the years to come? For 50 years, space agencies have been announcing that we will go to Mars in 20 years. It is thus necessary to be prudent. How can we justify such an investment of mars rover ?

The journey remains an unprecedented challenge. However, space exploration is undergoing a revolution. More than ever a human mission seems possible in the coming decades.

Francois Forget has been involved in numerous space missions, including Mars Express (ESA), ExoMarsTrace Gas Orbiter(ESA), New Horizons [NASA], InSight (NASA), and Mars Rover ExoMars.

He studies climate and atmospheres of the telluric solar system planets (Mars. Venus. Pluto. Titan. Triton.) and the exoplanets. It has created digital models to model the environments of these planets to help with space observation, robotic missions, studying the habitability and understanding the Earth.


Sunday 21st November : (15:45) Latest news from Mars ans nasa's perseverance rover with Francis ROCARD

Mr. Francis Rocard is Doctor of Science in Astrophysics (1986) from the University of Paris-Sud. He started his career as an astrophysicist at the CNRS and participated in the IKS experiments of the VEGA mission to fly over Halley's comet in 1986 and ISM of the PHOBOS-88 mission to study the mineralogy of the Mars surface.

In 1989, he joined the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES) where he was in charge of the solar system exploration programs. In this capacity, he followed the realization of the missions MARS-96 for the exploration of Mars with Russia, CASSINI-HUYGENS for the study of the Saturn system and its satellite Titan in cooperation with the European Space Agency and NASA, and ROSETTA, a mission for the study of a comet with the ESA.

Since 1998, he has been coordinating the implementation of the Mars exploration program through the MARS EXPRESS and NETLANDER missions and, in the longer term, the sample return mission.

The largest European meeting place for sky enthusiasts

Since 1998, the Rencontres du Ciel et de l'Espace have established themselves as the largest European meeting place for sky enthusiasts and the curious. The 2018 edition welcomed more than 6500 visitors at the Congress Center of the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie. A meeting that has become, over the editions, a must for the astronomical community.


Every two years, the Rencontres offer a tour of the sky and space news through a multitude of themes and events. All the actors working in this field are present: researchers, astronomers, industrialists, animators... This new edition, rescheduled in 2021 because of the health crisis, will take place in nominal conditions at the convention center of the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie de la Villette.


More than 30 scientific conferences, nearly 100 technical forums or workshops, animations, exhibitions and more than 30 exhibitors make up, during three days, this unique meeting to satisfy the curiosity of the greatest number.

David Elbaz, François Forget, Caroline Freissinet, Hubert Reeves, Francis Rocard, Jean Jouzel, Pierre Guillard, Clara Froment, Hervé Dole, Xavier Pasco..., come to talk to us about Mars, the JWST, the Solar Orbiter probe, climate change, the deep Universe, galaxies, the privatization of space...


A permanent program over three days, a staging that enhances the topics developed by the speakers and exhibitors' products. We mobilize our networks and means for this operation. The notoriety and the image of the French Association of Astronomy, the position of reference impossible to circumvent of its magazine Ciel & Espace and the framework of the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie.


To satisfy the curiosity and to share the knowledge, such is the invitation made to the public by the Sky and Space Meetings. The exploration of the Universe remains one of the most propitious domains to arouse enthusiasm, the desire to discover, to understand and to share.


The cosmos and space remain among the most exciting fields of scientific research and technology. The public's enthusiasm for planetary exploration, the adventure of Thomas Pesquet, the search for origins and the observation of the celestial vault has never waned. Through the prism of current events, the Sky and Space Encounters propose to stage the results, the novelties, the innovations of the sector, to explore the perspectives.


This 12th edition will be, as usual, rich in content: we will discuss the exploration of our Solar System with the latest Mars missions including Insight, Exomars, Curiosity rover, Perseverance, the detection of exoplanets and other earths.

We will explore the new astronomy opened by the detection of gravitational waves, technology demonstration of space surveillance of the planet, human exploration, climate, cosmology and the search for dark matter.


The Meetings are also an opportunity to present to the public the innovations of the moment in space science, the technological advances in optics, sensors, mechanics, science instruments, to discover new destinations, services, actions and products that will satisfy the curiosity, the desire of lovers of the starry sky. 

Image credit nasa jpl caltech


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